Experienced. Effective. Engaged.

The Law Office of Cynthia Leppert offers outside general counsel, litigation, dispute resolution and risk management legal services to businesses and individuals, and also advises health care, technology and health care IT clients regarding the particularized issues pertaining to those industries. It was founded by Baltimore attorney Cynthia Leppert, a trusted advocate and legal advisor with extensive experience over many years handling a broad range of primarily business-related legal matters, to provide clients with personalized attention, client-centric representation, and strategic, insightful advice, all in a small firm setting – regardless of whether they are navigating their most challenging issues or a less complex matter.

Leppert Symbol

We strive to position our clients for success by providing experienced, strategic, and personalized advice and advocacy. And because the path to success, like the bronze path to justice in our logo, is rarely straight, we provide representation that is fluid and responsive to our clients’ changing needs. Our logo consists of a stylized “L” representing the path to justice. The strong blue columns symbolize our system of justice, and the bronze lines leading toward them represent the path to success – whether it be a favorable resolution of a dispute, a hoped-for outcome in negotiating a contract, a legal solution that facilitates a business model or individual goal, or a cost-efficient approach to a regulatory issue.