November 2, 2023

The Bar Association of Baltimore City (BABC), one of the oldest bar associations in the United States, has announced that Cynthia Leppert will receive the Margaret Brent – Juanita Jackson Mitchell Award at a luncheon to be held on November 21,2023, at the Lord Baltimore Hotel in Baltimore City.

Margaret Brent was the first woman lawyer in the United States.  Juanita Jackson Mitchell was the first African-American women lawyer in Maryland.  Building on their legacies, the BABC created the Brent-Mitchell Award to recognize a woman lawyer or judge who:

1) Exemplifies the pioneer spirit of Margaret Brent and Juanita Jackson Mitchell;

2) Has achieved a high degree of suceess in the field of law; and

3) Has paved the way for women in the law.

A awardee may be chosen no more frequently than every two years.  Cynthia will be the eighteenth recipient of this award.