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Legal Risk Management

The last thing you want is to find yourself, or your business, mired in a lawsuit, or worse, facing the payment of a fine or judgment. Running a business is all-consuming. It is so easy to ignore or even not notice a brewing dispute, or be surprised to find that you are in unintended violation of an obligation, whether contractual, statutory, or regulatory.  

The Law Office of Cynthia Leppert is experienced in guiding businesses through decision-making and operational changes that minimize legal risk without sacrificing business operations, growth, or EBITDA.  We are also experienced in advising businesses how to navigate their options  -- and minimize their risk of loss -- when a customer or vendor shows signs that they are approaching insolvency or bankruptcy. 

Cynthia’s four decades of experience as a business litigator handling small and bet-your-company cases for businesses of all sizes provide her with a perspective and familiarity with a broad range of issues that allows her to counsel businesses who want to avoid litigation or governmental claims as to how to do just that. She has significant experience acting as Outside General Counsel for start-up and later-stage companies, consulting on legal aspects of all manner of business decisions, and working closely with company leadership. She understands that legal decision-making is never made in a vacuum, but instead must be made in tandem and in support of other business considerations.   

If you would like to consult with Cynthia on a single issue, on a series of issues, or as a “legal audit” of your company policies, or to consult on new written policies for your operations, compliance needs, employees, or contractors, please contact her at

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