MediationsMediation is a process in which the parties meet with a mutually selected impartial and neutral person who assists them in the negotiation of their differences.  Mediations can take place before a lawsuit is filed to avoid a court proceeding. Mediations can also take place while a lawsuit is pending. 

There can be many benefits of mediation, as compared with court resolution.  

  • It is much less costly than a court case. 
  • It takes much less time – many mediations take no more than one day.  
  • By avoiding a lengthier litigation process, the parties' energies are not diverted from their normal activities, jobs, and business pursuits. 
  • The parties can agree to keep the mediation proceeding confidential, as compared with a court proceeding that is on the public record.  
  • Resolution is controlled by the parties, as compared with a court proceeding where the parties are turning over to the judge or jury the power to decide the resolution.  

Why choose Cynthia as your mediator

  • She is a strong believer in resolving disputes through mediation and consensual agreement.  
  • She is committed to making sure each party is heard and has a passion for helping parties take control of their disputes and resolve them in a consensual way.
  • She has completed two separate 40-hour intensive mediation training courses, in addition to a course in the avoidance of implicit bias by mediators.
  • The diversity of her experience, handling cases involving a vast array of issues over her forty years of practicing law, informs her ability to handle mediations involving many viewpoints and issues.  

Cynthia is available for mediation at her office in Towson, Maryland, or at other locations in Maryland as requested by the parties.  To inquire as to her availability, please email her at, or call her at (410) 672-4022.


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